Ten Best Things Ever!

Great Gift Ideas for the Camping Dad

There are millions of great outdoor products that we could recommend, but here are the ones that we’ve tried that will UPGRADE your whole camping experience!  Camping can be a lot of work.  Camping can be hard.  Let these incredible products help you!

1. Life StrawLife Straw

The Life Straw Personal Water Filter, is an awesome new product that skips the messy containers and acts like a simple straw that will allow you to drink purified water directly from contaminated water!   This could be a major life saver in an emergency, and a great addition to your hiking pack and your 72-hour emergency kit.


2. Mammoth Queen Sized Sleeping BagQueen Size Sleeping Bag

If you’re like us, for years we would zip 2 crappy sleeping bags together to make a big one.  You know, like us, that it doesn’t work well does it?  We bought this LARGE queen sized bag this past season and used it on 2 long trips.  WOW. The first thing we noticed was the high quality of the materials and zippers.  The next thing was the size- as we were used to a Queen sized bed, so this was perfect.  The last thing we were delighted with was how warm we slept with no blankets on top.  This is the Cadillac of sleeping bags, folks. Do yourself a favor and buy this before your next camping trip.


They look happy for a good reason.  They slept.

3. Coleman Montana 8 TentColeman Tent

With a growing family, you need some space.  This Coleman Montana 8 Tent does the job wonderfully.  The price is fantastic and the first time you set it up you’ll know you made the right choice.  It sets up very quickly and easily compared to some other big tents. When you step inside, you’ll see how much room there is – it’s 7 by 16 feet. There’s a great little awning in front that offers a little bit of shade and cover. My favorite feature is the door, though.  There’s a pole that wraps around the outside half-circle of the door that makes it “stiff”.  It swings open and closed like a regular door using a handle, and it velcros closed.  It’s absolutely brilliant and makes getting in and out a cinch.  Your family and all your stuff will fit beautifully in this tent!


4. Coleman Quad LED Lanternlantern

This lantern is awesome!  You can throw away all of those old flashlights you’ve been holding on to for years.  This will be your new lighting solution for the whole family.  As the picture shows, it’s lovely lantern that’s split into 4 sections that break off of the main to provide mobile light when needed.  Each of the 4 light banks have a rechargeable battery that feed off of the main batteries keeping them all topped off.  Use them as separate tent lights when needed too.  Absolutely perfect!


5. Regalo My Cot Portable Bedcot

This camping upgrade is for your young kids.  This is a toddler-bed sized cot that effortlessly unfolds from it’s small bag into something that your little one can get excited about.  Their very own camping bed!  This is something that we’ve used on camping trips, hotel stays, and grandparent sleep-overs to keep things consistent.  The kids know that it’s their bed and it brings that needed familiarity to whatever environment they are in.  I rate this 5 stars, and recommend it to all with young kids.  It will last for years and years!


6. Car Top Carriercar-carrier

This Rightline Gear 100S50 Sport Jr. Car Top Carrier was the perfect answer to a very old question:  “How do I fit all of this crap into my car?”   The idea isn’t new, there have been super expensive hard-shell ones for ages.  But for those that are low on space, and on a budget, there is this beauty.   Don’t let the fact that it’s not a hard-shell scare you, the rubbery material is very thick, amazing quality and water-proof (we drove it through a rain storm once, so I can attest to that personally). It has big beefy zippers that won’t ever break, and an ease of use that will improve every part of your trip.  The best part?  One less big thing you have to store in your garage!

7. Camp Chef Stovecamp-chef

If you don’t have a camping stove, you need this.  If you have one of those tiny folding stoves… then you KNOW you need this.  Camp Chef stoves, are known by all outdoor enthusiasts as THE go to for stoves. These are built to last forever, and you will pass them down to your children when you die.  But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, these can be very affordable.  So why get one?  These use your big propane tanks that you already have for your outdoor grill, no need for buying the small propane cans that just get thrown away afterwards.  You can get 2 or even 3-burner models, with every accessory you’ll ever need.  Want to throw your dutch oven on here? Go ahead!  These stoves give you the space you need to operate a decent camp kitchen.



8. Coleman Oversized Chairchair

You’re outside.  Away from your recliner. Don’t let that make you uncomfortable – this Coleman Camping Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is here for you.  This is a very sturdy, large chair with space for several drinks.  It’s very comfortable and you can relax to your heart’s content enjoying the outdoors.




9. Dutch Ovendutch-oven

If you don’t own one, there’s really no excuse.  This Lodge 12″ Dutch Oven will become the staple in your camping kitchenware.  Put it right in the coals in the fire.  Put it on your Camp Chef stove.  Pile it with charcoal.  You can use these any way you want.  If you haven’t gotten into dutch oven cooking, it’s time to start as proper camping should be done with excellent food.


10. Charcoal Chimney Starterchimney

If you cook with dutch ovens and you don’t own one of these bad boys, you’re doing yourself a great disservice.  This chimney starter ensures that all your briquettes are started evenly and without the need of lighter fluid.  You’ll be ready to start cooking with them within 15 minutes with this Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter!